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Personal statement

Most of high school graduates desire to become students of different educational establishments, which oblige them to submit a personal statement. It remains as one of the most difficult steps in the application process since not all students understand its importance and simply take it for granted. Students have to produce personal statements that will surprise members of committee with high quality content in order to become a better applicant than any other.

Personal statement writing

During the application process, most of educational establishments indicate certain requirements for personal statement writing. For sure, in many universities it is up to the student of what to include, but if not, students have to prove that they are able to include just what was required, nothing more. In such a way, you will not make committee angry showing that you can follow writing guidelines given to each student. Personal statement intends to show what kind of person you are and why university committee has to choose you among all other applicants.

Personal statement writing

Personal statement writing is a very sophisticated task that definitely not all students can overcome. When students begin writing their personal statement, it can take up to several weeks of transforming their drafts into real papers and vice versa because they realize that information can be not quite appropriate and definitely not impress the committee. Thus, most of students ask writers at to help them fulfill this task. Usually personal statement should include no more than 600 words, whereas every single word is taken into consideration and carefully scrutinized. Unity, coherence, and clarity of ideas are always appreciated.

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If you intend to write personal statement by yourself, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • You should describe and explain how your life experience is unique and list the brightest and most vivid details that have influenced the creation of your personality. Those details have to reflect your development into a person who you are now, which is very important for your personal statement writing.
  • Every member of committee wants to see your motivations and intentions to major in a specific discipline. This part must be personal-oriented. You have to prove that you are indeed interested in the exploration of a specific field.
  • Without any doubts, you have to include any relevant working experience (if applicable). Usually such experience proves your intentions and provides reasons for why you have chosen a specific discipline to be studied more deeply in university. In addition, with the help of your personal statement, you have to claim that you desire to graduate from this university and present some future expectations.
  • If you have already had any academic background, you must indicate it in your personal statement writing. However, if it was interrupted, you have to explain what went wrong and what your intentions are now.
  • Present your real-life emotions and explain why you are the best applicant among thousands others. You have to be clear and provide specific details. You can include here your beliefs and motivations, as well as support them with your practical skills (if applicable).
  • Mention what is important for you as a future learner and what you intend to achieve in your academic life. Do not include far-fetched ideas like you are going to change the world because such too emotional statements will not surprise any member of committed. If you do not know how to cope with this part, you can order personal statement writing from right now. You will only have to mention the key details and aspirations from your life and our writer will transform them into a masterpiece.


What to Do if Your Personal Statement Is Awful


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