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PhD thesis paper

PhD thesis paper is a type of research assignment that reflects many similar features as dissertation writing or a complex research project. It obliges students to carry out deep research in the topic and gather much information, which must be proceeded with its careful systematization. Writer must precisely evaluate the scope of work and properly manage time to be sure that deadlines will be followed. Usually students do not begin right from writing a thesis and at first are required to write a proposal to the research supervisor. There are no strict frames concerning the number of pages of proposals and usually it depends on the supervisor on which instructions to assign. This proposal will be further used in the PhD thesis topic.

PhD thesis structure

The first step in writing a thesis proposal will be establishing the hypothesis, which can be also called as a research question that will be further explored in the topic. Usually it is up to the writer which research question to explore, but it is vital to discuss it with your scientific supervisor, so that he/she will see that you work in the right direction and include only relevant ideas on the topic instead of presenting a mix of ideas. Supervisors also want to see a PhD thesis structure on the first stages of the writing process.

PhD thesis

The second step in writing a thesis is getting confirmation from supervisor that research proposal reflects the discussed topic. As in most academic papers, the first part must be introduction, which in PhD thesis must be explored in the first chapter. Here a student has to include intentions which made him/her choose this specific topic and what future expectations are. Moreover, introduction must incorporate some statements about the previous work done, whereas writer should provide the reasons why this topic must be further explored and what future contributions and possible results will be.

PhD thesis proposal

The second part of PhD thesis proposal must be dedicated to the literature review. Students have to include the key details about their reading and include a small summary of each piece of literature. Students must remember that both primary and secondary sources must be incorporated in the literature review. Students usually find it challenging to differentiate between the credible and non-credible sources (the latter cannot be included in academic papers), but it is vital not to get the failing grade. In literature review, all sources must be directly interdependent with the topic. In such a way, the student will prove that he/she clearly understands the topic and is able to gather only appropriate materials.

PhD thesis paper

The third chapter of thesis must be focused on the direct exploration of the research question presented above. The usually accepted structure of PhD thesis paper shows that this chapter must include such sections as “Statement of Problem,” “Exploration of Hypothesis,” and “Future Predictions,” though your professor might adjust it according to his/her expectations. Students have to show that they appropriately approach the research question and want to come to a conclusion with the discussed research materials.

PhD thesis topic

The next chapter in thesis writing is called “Methodology” that is supposed to include all details s for methodology application. This chapter is much different from the previous ones because it depends much on the peculiarities of research – process analysis, comparative analysis, scientific technique, etc. This part must include the variables utilized in the study, where the student is expected to present all relevant definitions and their proper interpretation while discussing the PhD thesis topic. It is always appreciated if students introduce new variables in their research, but they must include a statement of justification for it. If you belong to students who have no idea how to write a thesis, is pleased to inform you that high quality online support can be provided right now.

Writing a PhD thesis

While writing a PhD thesis, students must pay special attention to the fifth chapter, which is focused on the discussion of the study conducted before and results that were gained from the student’s research. Students have to indicate which methodology instruments were used to conduct the research. This chapter must also entail the discussion of the previous research in relation to the topic. Students have to explain what was done in this field before and evaluate the possible results. Moreover, limitations of the study must also be included in this chapter. For instance, writer must approach the aspects that he/she failed to address. At the same time, writer must include the factors that were successfully examined in research.

PhD thesis topic

Then students have to dedicate the whole chapter to the critical analysis of the PhD thesis topic. Here writer is supposed to include details that were left behind the research and suggestions of what the student research can include. The very last chapter of thesis can be called a summary, where writer has to include interpretation of the gained results as well the key details from the discussion part.


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